Insurance Coverage Disputes

Upholding the Rights of Policyholders

People invest in insurance to provide them with peace of mind. When disaster strikes, it is reassuring to know that your home, your business, or your family can rebound from the devastation. Like other businesses, however, insurance companies are primarily concerned with profits. Unfortunately, they do not always honor the policies they issue, leaving policyholders with no protection and no way to rebuild after significant loss.

At Lucas & Haverkamp, we believe companies should live up to their promises. We represent individuals, businesses, and government entities pursuing disputes against insurance companies. Whether your insurer has denied or unreasonably delayed your claim, we can help you obtain the coverage that is rightfully yours.

Insurance Bad Faith Claims

When you purchase insurance, you have every right to expect that your insurer will administer your policy and provide coverage in good faith. When insurance companies fail to live up to their obligations, the law refers to this as bad faith. When insurers treat their policyholders unfairly, they deserve to be held accountable. In many cases, courts award policyholders damages beyond the limits of the original policy. At Lucas & Haverkamp, we aggressively pursue our clients’ right to receive all available damages, including punitive damages.

A Reputation for Success

The Lucas & Haverkamp name is associated with exceptional representation and superior results. We are a small firm that has built a reputation for taking on some of the biggest names in the business. Our attorneys have represented policyholders against insurance companies for over four decades. In a landmark California bad faith insurance case, we obtained a $22.4 million recovery on behalf of the Fresno Unified School District. Our attorneys worked diligently to pursue justice for the school district, including a month-long trial and a five-year appeal. Simply put, we do not back down until we achieve the best resolution possible for our clients.

Delivering Experience and Value

At Lucas & Haverkamp, we have the knowledge and experience it takes to challenge insurance companies and their tactics. We represent clients in the following insurance coverage dispute matters:

  • Denial of coverage
  • Policy cancellation
  • Delay of coverage
  • Failure to defend
  • Health and disability insurance claims
  • Commercial and residential property claims

People-Focused, Purpose-Driven

At Lucas & Haverkamp, clients are the core of our business. We build strong relationships with the people and businesses we represent. If you have been denied coverage or your insurer has deliberately delayed your claim, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our approach, our principles, and our history of results. Get in touch by email or by calling us at (858) 535-4000.

Significant Insurance Coverage Disputes and Engagements:

  • $22.4 million recovery for Fresno Unified School District in insurance bad-faith case against G.E. Capital insurer. The case included a month-long jury trial in Sacramento, a jury award of $13 million in punitive damages, a five year appeal, and an affirmance of the verdict by the Third District Court of Appeal.
  • Recovered $450,000 for Welk Resorts after insurer denied coverage for business interruption relating to 2007 wildfires.
  • $250,000 settlement for homeowners whose insurer denied coverage under their homeowner’s policy.
  • Experience includes successfully advocating for increased policy benefits and coverage for developers, general contractors and other businesses.

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