SB 496 Restricts General Contractor Indemnification of Design Professionals

This article was published in the San Diego Association of General Contractor's Monday Morning Quarterback on October 30, 2017. 


Senate Bill 496 (SB 496) will become law effective January 1, 2018, and for general contractors (GCs)this new law restricts the contractual indemnity which GCs can require of design professionals.

  The typical contractual indemnity requirement consists of two components: (1) a duty by the design professional to indemnify the GC for any settlement/judgment; and (2) a separate and...

New Law Imposes Wage and Workers Comp. Liability on Companies That Use Temp Agencies or Subcontractors

Many companies in California use temporary staffing agencies or subcontractors to meet some of their labor needs. One of the many advantages of hiring workers this way is that the agency or subcontractor is responsible for paying the workers’ wages and providing workers’ compensation insurance rather than the client employer. (more…)

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Workplace Bullying and Treatment of Unpaid Interns Subject of Two New California Laws

Governor Brown signed two new laws in September that add to California’s already robust regime of workplace anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws. Applying to bullying and the treatment of unpaid interns, the new laws impose additional obligations on employers and could expose them to additional liability for improper behavior by supervisory employees. (more…)

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