Why Lucas & Haverkamp?

Litigation is the cornerstone of our practice. We are trial lawyers who represent businesses and individuals at the local, state, and federal levels. Our attorneys handle cases in state and federal court, delivering unparalleled experience and value. We are a small firm that uses our size to our clients’ advantage. From small start-ups to multinational corporations, our clients count on us to deliver big firm results without the big firm price tag. We believe our clients deserve personalized attention that complements their budget and their goals. After four decades, the principles that drive our practice boil down to three things: client communication, resources, and value.

Client Communication

As a legal consumer, you deserve a lawyer who listens. At Lucas & Haverkamp, we put a premium on client communication. Interactions with our clients are always clear and consistent. We work one on one with each client to develop case management strategies that fit their needs.


The business owners we represent work hard every day to further their interests. At Lucas & Haverkamp, we work just as hard to support them through whatever legal matters come their way. As trial lawyers, we know what it takes to assemble a winning case. Our clients invest in our skill; we invest in their future.


At Lucas & Haverkamp, our practice is rooted in admiration for the people we represent. Growing a business into a profitable enterprise requires sacrifice and hard work. Our clients have worked hard to get where they are today. We protect their achievements by delivering cost-effective legal solutions geared toward eliminating and minimizing liability.

What We Do

Our approach is simple: prepare each case as if it were going to trial. Whereas other firms delay trial preparation until the eve of litigation, we begin assembling defense strategies on day one. Although many cases settle, we believe great preparation leads to great results. This benefits our clients in several ways:

Balanced Decisions

Weighing a trial against the prospect of settlement is a difficult decision-making process. Because we are always fully prepared to litigate our client’s position, we help them make sound decisions about which course of action is best for their business. Settlement is an option, never a safety net.

Strong Bargaining Position

People up against a deadline tend to make rash and unreasonable decisions. At Lucas & Haverkamp, being prepared means never having your back against the wall. We have earned a reputation for thorough preparedness, which means our adversaries know that we are always ready to proceed to trial.


Our trial attorneys are familiar with all stages of litigation. Long before your case goes to trial, we explore various options for bringing about an efficient resolution. Through our motion practice, we incorporate pretrial strategies designed to resolve disputes in line with your budget.

California’s Premier Business Litigation Firm

At Lucas & Haverkamp, we make your business our business. Contact us today at (858) 535-4000 to discuss your legal issue.

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