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ADR For Construction Disputes: Understand Your Options

Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, property owner, design professional, or another party involved in a significant construction project, the prospect of costly and lengthy litigation is unappealing. Of course, the very nature of construction lends itself to any number of potential disputes between multiple parties, and when conflict arises, it is usually in everyone’s interest to attempt to resolve the dispute as efficiently and expeditiously as possible. That is why many construction disputes are resolved, or are sought to...

Bad Faith Basics in California

People invest in insurance to provide them with peace of mind. When disaster strikes, it is reassuring to know your home, your business, or your family can rebound from the devastation. Like other businesses, however, insurance companies are primarily concerned with profits. Unfortunately, they do not always honor the policies they issue, leaving policyholders with no protection and no way to rebuild after significant loss. (more…)

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